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Nanoparticle Webinar

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Wageningen University

As a service the NanoFlowSizer setup can be reserved at the Shared Research Facilities.

NanoFlowSizer involved in vaccine production

Successfull implementation of the NanoFlowSizer for COVID19 vaccine development The NanoFlowSizer is now used for the measurement of the particle size of vaccine delivery systems during…

Can we call this a success story?

As a scale-up company in pharma and life sciences, we were exceeding the third gear beginning this year. To acquire more…

PAT4nano Consortium

PAT4nano: a major new €5m project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Benefits of PAT


Process Analytical Technology (PAT) offers many benefits for process development, scale-up & transfer as well as for commercial production. The combination of higher efficiency, increased knowledge and …



The NanoFlowSizer is a unique and true PAT tool for inline and online nanoparticle size analysis. Without dilution of highly turbid samples, both static and in flow, the NanoFlowSizer offers …



Its non-destructive character, ability to measure through glass, speed of analysis and versatility of equipment, makes NIR spectroscopy one of the most attractive PAT tools. NIR and chemometric modelling…


Key competencies

  • Experts in nanoparticle size analysis
  • Inventors of the NanoFlowSizer
  • High level experience in (PAT) science
  • Innovative company with efficient communication lines
  • Strong background in process and product development

Creates significant cost savings for your process

The NanoFlowSizer

What’s in it for you?

  • The only TRUE PAT tool for inline measurements
  • Particle size distribution in flow
  • No sampling or dilution
  • NON-invasive
  • Ideal for sterile processes
  • Fast and continuous, data every 10 sec
  • Flexible for many applications and scales

Latest activities

Lipid-based nanoparticles


In drug development many applications are found for lipid-based nanoparticles (Lb-NPs) as successful transporters for poorly water-soluble drugs and oligonucleotides in gene therapy.

Propofol project


The NanoFlowSizer was successfully applied to measure particle (droplet) size of a lipid nano-emulsion formulation with propofol (anesthetic for Covid-19 intensive care patients). For this formulation propofol is mixed with…

Vaccine production


The first supplier of the COVID19 vaccine is using the NanoFlowSizer to monitor production! Covid-19 caused a major increase in vaccine development. The NanoFlowSizer measures the particle size…

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