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A non-invasive Process Analytical Tool for monitoring nanoparticle size characteristics

  • Continuous size characterization of nanoparticles during processing
  • Inline Process Analytical Tool
  • Studying particle process dynamics
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Real Time process feedback
  • Measurement of highly turbid material
  • High speed measurement
  • Inline, online and offline operation modus
  • For very small (<< mL) to large volumes


Average particle size and size distributions typically provided every 10 seconds.

We expect a major step forward from this novel technology for inline analysis of our nano-particles

Dr. Fried Faassen, Director Formulation GxR&D, TEVA Haarlem

The NanoFlowSizer further explained

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is an accepted technology for measuring particle size and size distribution of nanoparticles in liquids. It is based on measurement of fluctuations in light scattering caused by Brownian motion of suspended particles. For Brownian diffusion, the frequency of scattered intensity fluctuations depends on the particle size; smaller particles diffuse more rapidly and thus produce higher frequencies. Therefore…


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Meet us…

If your’re interested in what the NanoFlowSizer can do for your application

  • 23-26 March 2020
  • Washington DC

System Configurations

The NanoFlowSizer is a flexible modular system meeting your inline and offline application needs. Various NanoFlowSizer configurations can be made. Sample Module customization for your specific application is possible.


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