InProcess-LSP offers advanced analytical services and solutions for pharma, food,  life sciences and other related industries to support product and process development and manufacturing. Today’s products and manufacturing processes demand highest performance in terms of product quality, process robustness and efficiency. For high product quality and robust processes, in-depth product and process understanding is of utmost importance. With a strong background in product and process development as well as in analytical sciences varying from microscopy and imaging to a wide range of spectroscopic and optical technologies, InProcess-LSP offers a unique combination of experience and knowledge.

Our services include contract research & troubleshooting to increase understanding of your products and processes, as well as PAT method development and implementation to monitor and control your processes. If commercially available instrumentation cannot provide the desired solution, InProcess-LSP also offers the possibility to adjust or newly develop dedicated analytical instruments and/or software specifically for your application.

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Our Services


Analytical Method Development

InProcess-LSP offers consultancy services to explore and advise on realistic possibilities to address your analytical challenges either for PAT methods or offline approaches. We can support you by exploring technical possibilities and provide transparent information of estimated associated costs and possible risks to evaluate your business case.

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Analytical Services

InProcess-LSP offers Contract Research and Troubleshooting services to reveal important information of your products and processes. We apply PAT or offline analysis to your processes and products either in our lab-facilities or directly at your process if required. Contract research can vary between relative short day to one-week assignments up to larger research projects.

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Instruments and Software

InProcess-LSP will typically find the best possible solution for your analytical questions and objectives. In case existing technology and instrumentation does not meet your requirements, it is possible to consider development of a dedicated system. A dedicated system would typically be an optimized analysis system with software for your specific needs.

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A new innovation for inline and offline nanoparticle size characterization. Fast, real-time, precise and non-invasive particle size analysis for a wide range of applications in R&D and manufacturing.

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