XsperGo Software

XsperGo: inhouse developed Software

Software features

The NanoFlowSizer is operated by the in-house developed XsperGo software.

The NanoFlowSizer records spatially resolved data at high frequency in a continuous mode. The XsperGo software unravels large data amounts into meaningful particle size information. Besides particle size information other relevant information such as temperature readings and viscosity profiles are managed in XsperGo as well.


Wide range of data accessible

Particle size distribution, Z-average particle size, single and multiple scattering data

  • Every 10 seconds: information obtained about particle size and distribution
  • Z-average particle size and particle size distribution are reported in real time
  • The polydispersity index (PDI) and a large number of related values and calculations
  • The advanced section of the XsperGo software:
    • in-depth information of flow patterns
    • single and multiple scattering
    • other spatially resolved data are accessible

Unique and highly efficient algorithms in Xspergo Software

Measurements of static samples (such as vials), in flow, at turbid or less turbid concentrations, are automatically processed in the right way by unique and highly efficient algorithms.

Assured data quality

In addition, for every measurement a large number of build-in diagnostic tests are applied (in the background) to assure data accuracy. The diagnostic functions at the background feed the data quality indicators in the user interface, presenting relevant data quality information to the user related to the obtained signals for flow pattern, flow rates, intensity, etc.

The XsperGo software also allows to re-process the measured data with different processing settings.


Output parameters

  • Temperature
  • Intensity                     
  • Shear Rate
  • Flow Pattern
  • Depth Resolved Data
  • Cumulant Z-average
  • Cumulant PDI
  • PSD mean particle size
  • PSD Z-avr peak
  • d10, d50 and d90

Modular system with endless options