XsperGo Software

XsperGo: Patented Software for NanoFlowSizer

The NanoFlowSizer is operated by the in-house developed XsperGo software.

The XsperGo software supports the operation of the NanoFlowSizer and unravels large amounts of data into meaningful particle size information.

Unique and highly efficient algorithms in Xspergo 2 software

The software encompasses unique and highly efficient algorithms, enabling the distinction between single and multiple scattered signals as well as correction for flow applications.

A wide range of data accessible

Particle size distribution, Z-average particle size, single and multiple scattering data. Information obtained every 10 seconds are reported in real time.

Assured data quality

In addition, for every measurement a large number of build-in diagnostic tests are applied (in the background) to assure data accuracy.

The diagnostic functions feed the data quality indicators in the user interface, presenting relevant data quality information to the user related to the obtained signals for flow pattern, flow rates, intensity, etc..

The XsperGo software also allows the re-processing of the measured data with different processing settings.

Module view – Check Signal view

Output parameters

  • Temperature
  • Intensity                     
  • Shear Rate
  • Flow Pattern
  • Depth Resolved Data
  • Cumulant Z-average
  • Cumulant PDI
  • PSD mean particle size
  • PSD Z-avg peak
  • d10, d50 and d90

XsperGo general Features

  • Project settings configuration with ability to save and load project files
  • Measurement signal adjustment
  • Automatic module change detection and identification.
  • Internal and external (PT100) temperature recording
  • Measurement and particle sizing analysis
  • Particle size distribution & PDI graphs
  • Viewing and reprocessing previously recorded data
  • Solvent management for Temperature-viscosity/refractive index formula
  • OPC-UA Server interface
  • Extensive Help system

XsperGo 2 added Features

  • Automatic control limits checking and warnings
  • Autofocus signal optimization
  • Adding notes to sample measurements
  • Export data to CSV/Excel and Matlab
  • Configurable data storage & date-time display format
  • Additional GMP compliance option

GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

XsperGo software is now re-designed to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and meets the FDA guidelines for use in a GMP environment.
A set of functions provides a secure environment to record data with the NanoFlowSizer and guarantees the authenticity of the sample data recorded and stored.

The access of users can be customized to any manufacturing process or situation. All (user) actions, changes of parameters, decision points and error messages are recorded in an electronic logbook to provide a full audit trail.

GMP Features

  • Closed system with user access control
  • Configurable user access rights for using specific software functions
  • User access statistics reporting
  • Configurable policy for password expiration and complexity
  • Full audit trail with timestamp and user account information of all actions performed
  • Recording of all actions, parameter changes, configurations, decision points, warnings and error messages in an electronic logbook
  • Export and print functions of logbook files to CSV or PDF
  • Secured data storage with file encryption
  • Windows user account control integration for secure storage of data files
  • Analysis reporting file viewable in HTML and PDF format
dynamic light scattering particle size

XsperGo 2 software GMP compliant

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