Lipid-based Nanoparticles

Successful drug delivery with liposomes

Nanotechnology in liposomes

Liposomes are spherical vesicles characterized by a bilayer of lipids with an internal aqueous cavity, being one of the most successful drug delivery systems applying nanotechnology to potentiate the therapeutic efficacy and reduce toxicities of conventional medicines.

Ideal drug carriers

The structure turns liposomes into ideal drug carriers, since hydrophilic drugs tend to be entrapped in the core; while hydrophobic ones will be entrapped within the lipid bilayers.

Vaccins, medicines, adjuvants, solubilizers and more

Liposomes have a wide range of industrial applications including their use as drug delivery vehicles in medicine, adjuvants in vaccination, signal enhancers/carriers in medical diagnostics and analytical biochemistry, solubilizers for various ingredients as well as support matrices for various ingredients and penetration enhancers in cosmetics.


Applying the NanoFlowSizer in liposome industry

Liposomes are low-contrast structures in which just the shell takes care of the scattering. Even though they are challenging systems for light scattering, the NanoFlowSizer is able to monitor the liposome size.

InProcess-LSP has experience monitoring the inline size of liposomes at different scales (from microliter to liter) using our wide variety of modules.

Even interactions with the wall can be monitored

Additionally, the NFS ability to measure the size of particles as a function of their position in the sample allows for tracking the local behavior of the liposomes, such as interactions with the wall.

This unique feature of the NanoFlowSizer has general advantages for research and development processes obtaining general information on the local dynamics and local size phenomena, e.g. depletion, and segregation, that standard DLS can not observe!

The NEXT-level particle analysis technology in liposome world

Rut Besseling, Scientist at InProcess-LSP

Monitoring lipid-based nanoparticles

Real-time and in-line for:

  • Lipid Nanoparticles, Liposomes, vaccines, mRNA
  • Nanoemulsions
  • Silica, iron, gold particles
  • Protein molecules
  • Polymers, inks, coatings