System & Configurations

NanoFlowSizer system and modularity

Flexibility in system configuration is key

The flexibility of measurement configurations is a key attention point for InProcess-LSP.

Various applications and processes from R&D up to commercial production environments come with different objectives, requirements and configuration possibilities.

Replaceable modules

The NanoFlowSizer allows particle size measurements for small to large scales based on inline, online or offline analysis.

Various replaceable sample modules are available to equip the NanoFlowSizer with an optimal interface to your sample or process.

Sample modules for particle analysis real time and nanoparticle characterization
Replaceable Sample Modules for inline, online and offline analysis at different scales

Full flexibility

Process analytical technology nanoparticle sizing instrument

The NanoFlowSizer elements

The NanoFlowSizer consists of three main elements :

  • Probe Unit: Interferometer + Optical components
  • The Base Unit: Spectrometer and light source
  • XsperGo software: instrument operation and data processing

The NanoFlowSizer is a flexible modular system offering different functionalities depending on the module used.

Low coherence interferometry

Low coherence light travels from the light source to the Probe Unit through a fiber bundle. Light is then emitted to the nanosuspension and back-scattered by the nanoparticles. The interferometer in the probe unit processes the obtained back-scatter signal of the sample into depth-resolved data.

By inverse Fourier Transformation functions into particle size information obtained are processed via auto-correlation functions into particle size information. The XsperGo software (installed on the computer connected to the NanoFlowSizer), applies data treatment algorithms and real-time quality indicators, providing nanoparticle size and size distribution to control the quality of products and processes.

Inline and online configurations

The NanoFlowSizer as a true PAT tool is specifically designed for effective inline and online analysis, interfacing dedicated flow cell sample modules with your process.

These flow-through cells can be mounted easily using well-accepted industry-standard Tri-Clamp connections into your process line.

Pharma Grade flow cells

  • Flow-cells are Pharma grade and suitable for SIP/CIP
  • Temperature & Module recognition sensor integrated
  • Connection for external PT100 temperature sensor possible
  • Air-drying functionality to prevent condensation
0.5 inch diameter and 2.0 inch Flow Cell Sample Modules for inline and online analysis. For optimal measurements a consistent and developed laminary is mandatory. The last generation XL flow cells assure full development of the flow and support most optimal measurement conditions

Laminar flow

Point of attention for inline analysis:

Consistency of the flow rate,
severe pulsation in the flow pattern (caused by process equipment or pump systems) will negatively affect the quality of the measurement.

Image left:

Development of a laminary flow for adequate inline or online measurements

Inline configuration

NanoFlowSizer at manufacturing plant

Inline NanoFlowSizer configuration (2.0 inch Flow Cell Sample Module) in manufacturing

Online configurations

Online loop


Online loop vessel

Online drain loop vessel

Online piping or vessel configurations are a very attractive alternative for inline configurations since flow rate and flow consisitency can be managed independently from the main sample stream and optimized for the intended measurement. In case a diversion of the flow either looped back into the sample stream or not is feasible an online configuration will provide a very feasible solutions for your particle sze analysis in real time.

The flow rate and consitency can be managed easily by a pulse free pump system in the loop which assures measurements with highest possible precision.
Besides the existing 0.5 to 2.0 XL Flow Cells a Micro-Flow Cell based sample module is available for online analysis of small mL based volumes as well.

characterization of nanoparticles near infrared imaging

Real-time, continuous particle size measurements of a Titanium Oxide Synthesis at various conditions by Micro-Flow Cell Sample Module Configuration.

The NanoFlowSizer is a flexible modular system allowing inline and offline analysis

Offline configurations

Besides the unique capabilities of the NanoFlowSizer to measure in flow, measurements of static samples by offline analysis are possible as well. The vial sample module for static measurements is a helpful tool for non-invasive and fast analysis of (closed) glass vials (without dilution). This sample modules is also used for performance verification with particle size reference standards.

Dynamic studies, such as monitoring particle growth in a static sample can be easily performed, either in a vial, cuvette or larger beaker of flask. For beakers and flasks, the flask sample module is a flexible tool which can handle glass bottles typically up to 1L. For direct analysis of end-product in glass flasks the flask sample module allows direct measurement through the glass bottle without any dilution or sample handling.

particle size distribution analysis

NanoFlowSizer configurations overview

NanoFlowSizer Base SystemIn FlowIn FlowStatic
Base Unit
Probe Unit
Interchangeable Sample Modules
Flow-through cell module (0.5-2″)
Vial Module
System Cable1.5 – 4.5 meter

Customized sampling modules

In case currently available sample modules are not suitable for optimal measurement of your product or process, InProcess-LSP offers the possibility to create optimal and specific designs for customers if required. In principle particle size information of nanosuspensions can be obtained by the NanoFlowSizer as long as the measurement takes place through a glass interface. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Fast and real-time process control


Fast analysis:

  • Offline (R&D)
  • Offline (QC)
  • In-line
  • On-line
  • At-line