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Anniversary Seminar

We are excited to invite you to a landmark event in our company’s history, the…

Lipid-based nanoparticles


In drug development many applications are found for lipid-based nanoparticles (Lb-NPs) as successful transporters for poorly water-soluble drugs and oligonucleotides in gene therapy.

Anniversary Seminar!


📅 Save the date: September 3! 🎉 We are excited to invite you to a hashtag#landmark event in our company’s history, the 10th Anniversary Celebration Seminar titled “Advances in nanoparticle sizing applications in industry using SR-DLS”

Vaccine production


The first supplier of the COVID19 vaccine is using the NanoFlowSizer to monitor production! Covid-19 caused a major increase in vaccine development. The NanoFlowSizer measures the particle size…

The NanoFlowSizer

Your benefits

  • The only TRUE PAT tool for inline measurements
  • Particle size distribution in flow
  • No sampling or dilution
  • NON-invasive
  • Ideal for sterile processes
  • Fast and continuous, data every 10 sec
  • Flexible for many applications and scales

Where can you meet us?

24 – 26 Sept, Berlin

LNP Formulation Summit

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24 – 25 Sept, Gothenburg, Sweden


Booth InProcess-LSP

18 – 19 Nov, Zurich, Switzerland


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Core strengths

  • Specialists in nanoparticle size analysis
  • Creators of the NanoFlowSizer technology
  • Extensive expertise in Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Innovative company with streamlined communication channels
  • Robust background in process optimization and product development

Benefits of PAT


Process Analytical Technology (PAT) offers many benefits for process development, scale-up & transfer as well as for commercial production. The combination of higher efficiency, increased knowledge and …



The NanoFlowSizer is a unique and true PAT tool for inline and online nanoparticle size analysis. Without dilution of highly turbid samples, both static and in flow, the NanoFlowSizer offers …



Its non-destructive character, ability to measure through glass, speed of analysis and versatility of equipment, makes NIR spectroscopy one of the most attractive PAT tools. NIR and chemometric modelling…

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