Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Our complete NanoFlowSizer solution concept includes implementation of the instrument equipped with the right process connectors meeting your (process) requirements. We follow a two-step approach starting with feasibility testing. Prior to purchase a feasibility study can be performed in our laboratory to demonstrate that the NanoFlowSizer provides the solution to your challenge. Experiments can be performed using your material under static and flow conditions. A user training on instrument operation, use of software and interpretation of test results is integral part of our complete solution offering. Additionally we offer an in-depth training on spatially resolved dynamic light scattering nanoparticle sizing.

NanoFlowSizer Inline

After successful feasibility evaluation, the most optimal process connection specifically for your application will be evaluated. For direct inline measurement a wide range of flow-cell modules are available optimally meeting your volume and flow rate conditions. In addition, we will support you identifying the best possible inline measurement setup and strategy to extract the desired particle size information in a robust and reliable way.

In the next step, if required, the performance of the NanoFlowSizer is evaluated under actual process conditions at your facility to demonstrate that the system operates as intended i.e works for your application.

NanoFlowSizer Offline

For particle size analyses in a lab environment a range of sample modules are available providing flexibility for small to medium size volumes of nanosuspensions.