Press release: our distributor in Spain

NANE signing distribution agreement for InProcess-LSP’s NanoFlowSizer technology for Spain

Oss, June 23, 2022. InProcess-LSP and NANE, Spain are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership for the distribution of the NanoFlowSizer.

Combining Nane’s expertise in nanoparticle size measurement with InProcess’s world-class and groundbreaking nanoparticle sizing technology delivers unique solutions for the various Spanish particle characterization market.

The agreement was signed at the Analytica trade show in Munich on June 22.

The NanoFlowSizer will allow Nane to supply the best solutions for nanoparticle sizing instrumentation and InProcess- LSP’s NanoFlowSizer technology will add great opportunities in the various markets we serve”   

Alberto Escobar Atilano, CEO – NANE

InProcess-LSP is an innovative organization providing groundbreaking analytical services and solutions to support process analytical challenges. Being experts in nanoparticle size characterization, they are the inventors of the NanoFlowSizer: a unique, non-invasive nanoparticle size instrumentation for real-time measurement.

“Partnering with NANE to deliver first-class support for various clients in the Spanish nanotechnology markets will allow us to continue our focus on developing the technology further for their needs. Additionally, this newly developed company with a long history in nanoparticle sizing instrumentation is a good fit with our culture and values”    

Frando van der Pas, Director of Sales InProcess-LSP

“Utilising their extensive sales and marketing expertise, we are confident that with our combined efforts and by working together closely, Nane will support the growth we have anticipated in these markets” he added.

About NANE

NANE arises from a group of professionals with a long experience in the Scientific Instrumentation sector.
NANE is a young company, digital, dynamic, and adapted to the new times.
NANE will become a distributor of different product lines with applications in growth areas like nanotechnology, new materials, biopharma, energy, and batteries.
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