Press release: our distributor in Japan

Matsubo Corporation signed distribution agreement for InProcess-LSP inline nanoparticle size

measurement technology for Japanese market

Matsubo Corporation, part of Kobelco Kobe Steel Group and InProcess-LSP are excited to announce a new partnership that will allow Matsubo Corporation to market the NanoFlowSizer in the Japanese market.
The NanoFlowSizer from InProcess-LSP is a particle size characterization instrumentation using the unique Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS) technology which allows continuous inline real-time nanoparticle size measurements.
The NanoFlowSizer is fully developed to satisfy Process Analytical Technology (PAT) requirements for many nanoparticle manufacturing applications related to processes and particle characterization such as LNP’s in vaccine manufacturing.
Makoto Tsukiyama, president and CEO of Matsubo said: “Thanks to this agreement Matsubo Corporation, Japan, expands its portfolio of systems for the real time analysis of nanoparticles with a highly innovative technology for inline and in flow size characterization”.

The NanoFlowSizer will allow Matsubo Corporation to target in-process monitoring applications used in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other nanoparticle manufacturing markets”   

Makoto Tsukiyama, President and CEO

InProcess-LSP is an entrepreneurial organization providing advanced analytical services and solutions to support product and process challenges. With a strong background in Process Analytical Technology and many years of academic and industrial experience, they offer a highly skilled and experienced team of scientists and process specialists. InProcess-LSP commercialized the NanoFlowSizer technology in 2019.

“Partnering with Matsubo Corporation in Japan enables us to deliver first class support  and will allow us to continue our focus on developing the technology further for their needs”    

Frando van der Pas, Director of Sales InProcess-LSP

“Utilising their extensive sales and marketing expertise, we are confident that with our combined efforts and by working together closely, Matsubo Corporation will support the growth we have anticipated in this market” he added.

About Matsubo

Matsubo Corporation, as part of the Kobelco Japan Group, contributes to the industrial world by serving as a bridge for technology through the introduction of advanced technology from throughout the world.
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