Press release: InProcess-LSP attracts growth financing for NanoFlowSizer portfolio expansion and scaling sales

InProcess-LSP attracts growth financing for NanoFlowSizer portfolio expansion and scaling sales

Improving development and production of nanoparticle products by innovative measurement technology

Oss, 15 February 2023 – The NanoFLowSizer (NFS), a highly innovative instrument for realtime inline characterization of nanoparticle suspensions, was introduced successfully in 2019. The NFS improves process efficiency and control by realtime nanoparticle size characterization. The technology was adopted early on by major pharmaceutical companies to support the development and manufacturing of nanomedicines such as the Lipid Nano Particle based Covid-19 vaccines. With continued R&D efforts, InProcess-LSP is now planning to expand the NFS portfolio with unprecedented new measurement capabilities, covering inline characterization of extremely concentrated nanosuspensions, over a significantly extended size range (including e.g. proteins in biopharmaceuticals) and for very low concentration nanoparticle formulations. New imaging functionalities will also become available for advanced monitoring and highly sensitive detection of a-typical particles.

After introduction of the GMP compliant version for pharma industry in 2022, expansion of the NFS portfolio is a logical step for InProcess-LSP to address today’s most demanding particle size characterization needs both in industry and in academic R&D. Capabilities of the advanced OCT core technology of the NFS are extensive and will continuously drive new opportunities for relevant and advanced characterization of nano and microparticle suspensions.

To realize these opportunities, InProcess-LSP will further scale up the organization to support ongoing developments and portfolio extensions in 2023. This has now been facilitated by a combined investment via additional equity of the current loyal investors Brabantse Development Agency (BOM) and Value Creation Capital (VCC), and by an additional non-dilutive financing part by Rabobank and subsidiary De Lage Landen (DLL).

“Very excited to see how our portfolio extensions will open new possibilities to characterize nanosuspensions and improve nanosuspension processes in pharma and other industries” says Ad Gerich, CEO of InProcess-LSP. “Proud that the highly innovative character of our team constantly shows it value by delivering new and improved characterization solutions. Providing our customers with innovative and relevant solutions for their process challenges is key for InProcess-LSP to make a difference as a process analytical driven company. We are glad that we again can count on the support of BOM and Value Creation Capital and that we have found new partners in Rabobank and DLL to finance the next steps in an optimal way”.

“In recent years the NFS has proven itself as a trustworthy and important tool to improve efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes, resulting in a solid client-base predominantly in Pharma.”, says Floris Hamel, Investment Manager Life Sciences & Medtech at Brabant Development Agency (BOM). “Within the covid-19 pandemic the NFS showed its importance. We envision the expansion of the NFS portfolio will provide for further growth of the company, resulting in more substantial impact in this exciting sector.”

Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner Value Creation Capital/TechNano Fund adds: “We see a large potential in the technology and product portfolio of InProcess-LSP. The vision of the management team strongly fits with the growing market for nanoparticle sizing in medical and industrial processes”.
Vincent Ruis, Start- and Scale op Banker at Rabobank: “We are happy to support the management of InProcess-LSP in their mission to enable real-time and inline measurement of nanoparticle suspensions using their patented and in-house developed NFS-technology. With this broad consortium of partners, we are glad to help to extent the product portfolio and further scale-up internationally”.

Rens van de Kruijs, Accountmanager Healthcare at DLL. “There are a lot of opportunities within the life science market. We are delighted to facilitate the further grow of InProcess-LSP with our asset based lease solutions. By expanding the product portfolio, InProcess-LSP can make the next step’’.

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