Partnership Diant Pharma

DIANT Pharma Inc. and InProcess-LSP finalize partnership agreement

Continuous nanoparticle manufacturing system integrates with InProcess-LSP NanoFlowSizer for size characterization

DIANT Pharma Inc. (DIANT), a startup company that provides a turnkey solution for continuous manufacturing of nanoparticles, has the exclusive right to integrate the NanoFlowSizer into the DIANT system, providing a major advantage to DIANT customers. The DIANT system has multiple flow options, up to 100 LPM, and has multiple add-on modules with integrated process analytical technology operating as a single, closed-system.

The NanoFlowSizer is a pivotal tool in continuous manufacturing. It is a great fit for the DIANT nanoparticle processing system and enables enhanced, automatic particle size control.”
Tony Costa, Ph.D., CEO, DIANT Pharma Inc.

The DIANT technology was originally developed for continuous production of drugs formulated into liposomes. In addition, it can be utilized to create a variety of complex medicines and medicine delivery products such as liposomes, lipid nanoparticles, emulsions and micelles. The technology uses a turbulent jet to precisely mix the lipid dissolved in organic solvents with an aqueous phase to create the variety of nanoparticles. The advantages of the DIANT system over traditional batch manufacturing are significant. They include a smaller footprint, high throughput, automated process control, real-time feedback. The efforts of the combined companies have begun changing the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In 2019 InProcess-LSP commercialized the first and unique NanoFlowSizer technology. The NanoFlowSizer is an innovative system for continuous, real-time nanoparticle size characterization of colloidal systems, nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions and other dispersed nanoproducts directly in manufacturing processes (inline) or in a laboratory setting (offline).

The integration of our NanoFlowSizer technology with the state-of -the -art nanoparticle manufacturing technology of Diant Pharma is a great example of how we see modern and future PAT-driven manufacturing. The collaboration with Diant Pharma is extremely valuable for InProcess-LSP and offers direct synergetic opportunities to keep working on relevant future functionality for nanoparticle manufacturing.”
Ad Gerich, CEO InProcess-LSP.

DIANT Pharma has already integrated the NanoFlowSizer in their continuous manufacturing system. This state-of-the-art nanoparticle characterization technology was developed by InProcess-LSP and is based on Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS). SR-DLS allows particle size characterization in process flow and is able to measure highly turbid suspensions without dilution. The key innovation in the NanoFlowSizer is that it employs Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS) based on Fourier Domain Low-Coherence Interferometry (FD-LCI). Light scattering information is gathered non-invasively from particles at different depths in the sample at high frequency (seconds). The spatially or depth-resolved signal offers new and very exciting possibilities of which measurement in flow is one of the most important advantages.

It was easy for DIANT Pharma to decide to collaborate and partner with InProcess-LSP. The management team at InProcess-LSP is first class, professional and very productive. We are very fortunate to be working with such a talented and dedicated group. In addition, to their staff they bring superior technology to the partnership.”
Bill Pasek, Chief Commercial Officer – DIANT Pharma.

The combined efforts of both companies working, in tandem, are confident they offer the best in industry technology for pharmaceutical manufacturing. DIANT Pharma’s continuous manufacturing system combined with InProcess-LSP’s NanoFlowSizer technology opens doors wide for real-time process control resulting in lower cost, increased speed and lower footprint manufacturing of drug and drug delivery systems. Through intense collaboration between both companies, the first integrated system was delivered successfully with more to come.

Current needs in the today’s pharmaceutical market for timely and faster vaccine development and most efficient manufacturing require companies to strengthen their competences into a system integrated solution which will be beneficial to patients. The combination of Diant’s nanoparticle manufacturing system using InProcess’s inline size characterization technology for automated process control is a leap into real PAT applications fulfilling those requirements”
Frando van der Pas, Director of Sales InProcess-LSP.

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