InProcess-LSP selected for European Innovation at BIO 2022 San Diego

InProcess-LSP selected for European Innovation at BIO 2022 San Diego

The European Innovation Council (EIC) announced the 20 pioneering companies to participate at BIO International Convention 2022 in the framework of EIC Overseas Trade Fairs (OTF) Programme 2.0. After a highly competitive evaluation process, the delegation of the European Pavilion was selected based on their internationalization goals, technological fit with the scope of the trade fair, as well as their capacity to create business out of their participation.

Ad Gerich , General Manager InProcess-LSP

Create positive impact in healthcare sector

The team of InProcess-LSP is excited to announce that they have been selected after a highly competitive evaluation process, to be part of the European Pavilion at the BIO 2022, America’s leading medical exhibition.

“We are very grateful to be part of this experience! It will be a great opportunity to exhibit our NanoFlowSizer and connect with industry peers in order to ensure front-end innovation is resourced to deliver better care for patients and high-quality products for consumers”. 

Lipid nanoparticle technology in vaccines

Lipid nanoparticle formulations of small molecule drugs represent a relatively mature technology.  The design of features such as optimal particle size (100 nm diameter or less) is required for lipid-based delivery systems.  For this reason, it is important to have a system that can monitor the particle size during the production of these vaccine delivery systems. Our nanoparticle sizer, the NanoFlowSizer, is capable of accurately monitoring the continuous manufacturing process of lipid-based nanoparticles. Real-time process feedback and quality information give vaccine developers extensive information to make these production processes time- and cost-efficient.

Process analytical technology and continuous processing of nanoparticles will be introduced as a means to provide the necessary quality required for these injectable, complex formulations.

Real-time feedback during processing

Inline measurement of the nanoformulation, nano-size and characteristics is performed by the NanoFlowSizer in real time and non-invasive. Production processes of vaccines get direct real-time feedback about quality, purity and particle size. Every 10 sec data about progress of the nanoformulation is released.