Size Monitoring of Nano Emulsions During High Pressure Homogenization

Real-Time droplet size monitoring of nano emulsions during high pressure homogenization

A novel instrument (the NanoFlowSizer) and methodology for inline nanoparticle sizing is presented to enable rapid and efficient process control and formulation development.

Results of rapid monitoring nano-emulsion size evolution in two types of High Pressure Homogenization process show that the size of nanodroplets can be measured inline in real-time, without the need of dilution and that the instrument allows size characterization in situations where standard method fail e.g. due to limited stability.

The large accessible concentration and turbidity range offered by Spatially Resolved DLS requires a consequently good understanding of possible effects on diffusion rates in undiluted samples.

This effect, as well as dynamic viscosity changes during processing, can be calculated or empirically determined and incorporated effectively to obtain real-time size monitoring.

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