Press release: our distributor in Korea

Insung Chroma-Tech Co., Ltd Republic of Korea, launches unique nanoparticle sizer technology

Oss, February 14, 2022. InProcess-LSP and Insung Chroma-Tech. are pleased to announce a new partnership that will allow Insung to enter the Korean market with the NanoFlowSizer, the only true inline nanoparticle analyzer on the market today.

Founded in 1982, Insung Chromatech Co., Ltd. supplies best-in-class analytical instrumentation and provides technical services such as installation, maintenance and training. Insung’s team is focused on  “best technology” and “customer satisfaction”.

With this agreement Insung Chroma-Tech adds the NanoFlowSizer technology as a solution for real-time and inline nanoparticle characterization in their offerings.

“The NanoFlowSizer will allow InSung to target in-process monitoring applications used in all markets and more specifically targetting pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing markets”

MyungHoon Yoon / Business Manager Bio Dept. Insung Chroma-Tech Co.

“The NanoFlowSizer is a breakthrough product that solves the limitations of the conventional DLS analysis in the PAT application since it can measure highly turbid suspensions without dilution in process flow. The NanoFlowSizer is expected to make a significant contribution to improving the performance of entire nanoparticle manufacturing processes from initial R&D to quality phase by reducing the potential or current economic losses due to the lack of solution,” added MH Yoon.

InProcess-LSP is an entrepreneurial organization providing advanced analytical services and solutions to support product and process challenges. With a strong background in Process Analytical Technology and many years of academic and industrial experience, they offer a highly skilled and experienced team of scientists and process specialists.  InProcess-LSP first commercialized its unique NanoFlowSizer technology in 2019.

“Challenges in today’s pharmaceutical market for timely and faster vaccine development and furthermore the ability for the semiconductor industry to asses quality at manufacturing will allow more consistency and faster product to market. Insung’s position and capabilities in these markets will complement our activities in this region”

Frando van der Pas, Director of Sales InProcess-LSP

 “Utilising their extensive sales and marketing expertise, we are confident that with our combined efforts and by working together closely, Insung Chromatech will support the growth we have anticipated in the Korean market”, he added.

About Insung Chroma-Tech Co., Ltd

Founded in 1982, Insung supplies the abroad best-in-class analytical instrumentation and provides technical services such as installation, maintenance and training, for the advances in Korea Science. With professional installation and analysis support, Insung Chroma-Tech has been recognized as one of the top analytical instrument suppliers by academics, research institutes and industries. For further information please visit