Can we call this a success story?

Can we call this a success story?

Published on August 11, 2020

As a scale-up company in pharma and life sciences, we were exceeding the third gear beginning this year. Lots of travelling for conferences and demo work was planned to acquire more visibility and potential interest in our brand new product: the NanoFlowSizer.

Visits to the UK, US, Ireland and many other countries were planned.

But then corona kicked in…

“We had to downshift our gear and all activities came to a stand still. What next?”

While we were calculating for how long we could financially survive without selling any instrument, some new interests passed by from the pharmaceutical market. Specifically out of the ‘vaccine-corner’. First one call, later a second and within a few weeks we had more than 3 interested companies, wanted to start some testing experiments with our NanoFlowSizer for their vaccine development.

How to support urgent vaccine development activities?

Until that time we performed initial testing in our lab facilities by analysis of customers samples in order to advise them regarding feasibility of our technology. Once successful, we aimed to organize on-site testing cycles at the customer to actually integrate our technology in the process to prove adequate performance.
For all activities it was obvious that our technical specialists needed to be present to support installation and application testing. But now this had, of course, become impossible with the corona travel restrictions. Would that restrict us also from supplying these potential customers and supporting them with their urgent vaccine development activities?

There was no time to loose…

This motivated us to shift into the second gear again to organize everything remotely: installation of the instrument and accessories by newly compiled and dedicated procedures, performance checks, integration of the system in the process and online support for the customer. Never done before, but there was no time to loose. Even practicing was no option due to a very challenging time schedule and urgency of the related projects. This would be the way forward; with all hands on deck!

Suddenly our team was in the third gear again!

Video conferencing, sending dedicated manuals and live support through online connections 24/7 made it all possible. And achieving very good results from the first experiments onward, the NanoFlowSizer became the new nanoparticle size analyzer with a silver lining!

Since then, our team has found the positive drive again. Fast forward!

Due to COVID-19

The spinoff of COVID-19 for our team is that a new market emerged: vaccine development process, which also helped to be next level creative in finding effective solutions in difficult times which inspires us undoubtedly as a team for the future.

Our nanoparticle analyzer has proven to be a unique and effective solution to monitor nanoparticles in real-time, in-line and non-invasive for these projects.

And we are very grateful and proud to reveal that some pharmaceutical companies in the trial phase are analyzing their corona vaccines (= nanoparticles) with our NanoFlowSizer!

Can we call this a success story?