A NanoFlowSizer basic user training covering instrument operation, use of software and interpretation of test results is integral part of instrument purchase.

Other training courses

InProcess-LSP offers dedicated and customized (on-site) training courses on various topics. Training courses can be customized to meet your preferences. For more information please check the InProcess-LSP website. Typical training topics:

  • Particle sizing overview course
  • Nano-particle-sizing by spatially resolved DLS
  • Process Analytical Technology strategies
  • Introduction in Chemometrics
  • Basic Rheology
  • Advanced Rheology
  • Design of Experiments
  • Quality by Design in practice

Dependent on your training needs, a dedicated 1 to 3-day on-site training program can be compiled. If you are interested in a dedicated training program, please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences.

Formal training certificates and in-house developed training material are included.

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