Inline and online operation for process development and manufacturing

To meet your specific process requirements flow-through cell modules with varying internal diameters are available. These flow-through cells can be mounted easily using well-accepted industry standard Tri-Clamp connections into your process-line.

Flow-through cell modules are available with 0.5’’, 1’’ and 2’’ internal diameter. Flow-through cell modules with other diameters can be developed for your specific application. A micro flow cell is available which is specifically useful when limited amounts of material are available.

Flow-through cell module of 0.5, 1 and 2’’ for inline measurement

Laboratory R&D / Quality

The NanoFlowSizer allows static and continuous measurements of particle size characteristics, the latter offering the opportunity of studying particle size dynamics. Monitoring of crystallization processes, studying parameters influencing particle size of nanosuspensions or protein aggregation can be performed under static and flow conditions (e.g. solution stirred in beaker or bottle).

Static measurements

For offline static measurements modules for cuvettes, vials or bottles are available. For measurement of small sample volumes for either static or in-flow measurements a micro flow cell has been developed.

Micro flow cell for measurement of small volumes of samples either static or in flow.