Instruments and Software

Dedicated Instruments

InProcess-LSP will typically find the best possible solution for your analytical questions and objectives. In case existing technology and instrumentation does not meet your requirements, it is possible to consider development of a dedicated system. A dedicated system would typically be an optimized analysis system with software for your specific needs. Based on initial discussion and agreement of the User Requirements Specification, a dedicated instrument will be designed and manufactured in close collaboration with you as a customer. Instrument development projects will typically be divided in clear development phases with full transparency of required time and costs.

Dedicated Software

InProcess-LSP offers dedicated software solutions. Dedicated software may be of interest if direct translation of analytical (raw) data to meaningful information is required without the need for additional data processing. Dedicated software can typically provide the exact calculation and presentation of the desired information. Related statistics may be integrated as well to optimize the output information for your specific objective. In principle, it is possible to provide dedicated software for any type of data processing. Whether you are interested in image processing, spectroscopic data processing or other types of data processing, please feel free to discuss your challenges and objectives with us.