Analytical Method Development Examples

Blend Uniformity

In-line monitoring or control of powder blending processes provides major advantages in terms of process understanding, efficiency, cost saving and risk reduction in process development, tech transfer and manufacturing. InProcess-LSP develops complete solutions in this area, either based on qualitative (rate of change) or quantitative methods for uniformity assessment. By applying efficient development and validation strategies in combination with in-house capabilities to develop and validate blend uniformity methods, InProcess-LSP assures a highly efficient and high-quality approach for you as a customer.

Liquid Processing

In-line content monitoring during liquid processing offers several benefits in process development & manufacturing. InProcess-LSP provides customers with tailor made solutions using NIR/Raman/ UV-Vis and related methods. As example we developed a dedicated ATR-UV method for monitoring a high absorbance compound in a complex solution, assuring content uniformity in the final product.

At-line/Off-line NIR &Raman

At-line (near your process) or off-line (at your laboratory) analysis by UV/VIS, NIR or Raman can provide very valuable information of your intermediate or end-products. Due to the limited or no required sample preparation in combination with fast analysis time, at-line and offline methods are very efficient for monitoring product and process quality. Providing the desired information instantly, without time consuming logistics to transfer and analyze samples at different locations, makes these methods very attractive from a time and cost perspective.

Typical application areas are moisture content of various types samples, like lyophilized cakes, powders, tablets etc. Composition or content of one or more typical ingredients, or residual solvents for instance can often be measured within one minute by dedicated calibration models. InProcess-LSP has a wide experience in this field and can support you to find the best solution for your objectives.