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InProcess-LSP provides analytical services for pharma, food and other related industries. Services vary from consultancy and feasibility studies up to development, validation and implementation of analytical methods for development or routine operation. We are able to conduct most feasibility studies in our lab facilities equipped with various spectroscopic and optical techniques. Often a substantial part of application development and validation can be performed at InProcess-LSP which prevents possible interference with your process environment. If desired solutions cannot be achieved effectively by existing available instrumentation, InProcess-LSP also develops dedicated instruments and / or software specifically to fulfill all your application needs.

Besides method development, we offer contract research and troubleshooting services. Contract research and troubleshooting project may vary from relatively small to more extensive projects for which the combination of our analytical expertise and interpretation to product and process quality is mandatory to answer your challenges. Contract research and troubleshooting projects typically include analysis and based on spectroscopic and optical techniques: Near Infrared, Raman, UV/VIS, Imaging, Microscopy, Morphology, Rheology, Optical Coherence Tomography and Nano-particle sizing (by spatially resolved dynamic lights scattering).

Typically for Pharma, InProcess-LSP is also able to provide consultancy for filing strategy and can support you with appropriate filing documentation. In addition, we offer dedicated trainings for PAT, NIR, Rheology and particle sizing at various levels.

InProcess-LSP Services


Analytical Method

InProcess-LSP offers consultancy services to explore and advise on realistic possibilities to address your analytical challenges.

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InProcess-LSP offers Contract Research and Troubleshooting services to reveal important information of your products and processes.

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and Software

nProcess-LSP will typically find the best possible solution for your analytical questions and objectives.

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& Improvement

To apply Quality by Design and process design & improvement strategies effectively, thorough understanding of available tools and possibilities is required.

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InProcess-LSP offers unique training courses that combine theory and practical experience for Near Infrared (NIR) application development.

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