We are excited to announce the official market introduction of the NanoFlowSizer

Meet us at the:

  • IFPAC 2019, March 3-6th, North Bethesda, Maryland USA
  • 3th European Conference on Pharmaceutics, March 25-26th, Bologna Italy

 The NanoFlowSizer is a new innovative system for continuous, real-time nanoparticle size characterization of colloidal systems, nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions and other dispersed nanoproducts directly in processes. Operated as inline instrument, the NanoFlowSizer is a powerful non-invasive Process Analytical Tool allowing close monitoring of particle size characteristics in your process in either development laboratories, pilot plants or commercial operations, without the need of sampling.
The NanoFlowSizer can be integrated easily in your process by using flow-through cells allowing high speed measurements of even highly turbid nanomaterial using new Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS) technology and smart XperGO software.
The instrument provides unique opportunities for studying particle size dynamics in R&D supporting your product or process development.
The NanoFlowSizer operated in offline mode allows manual measurements under static and flow conditions using vials or your specific glassware.

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