InProcess-LSP attracts financing for market introduction of the NanoFlowSizer

Oss, October 1st, 2019 – The NanoFLowSizer (NFS), an innovative measuring device that
improves the production process of medicine, has been introduced at the IFPAC meeting in
Washington earlier this year. In order to start commercial sales of the NFS to the Process
Analytical Technology (PAT) market, InProcess-LSP (Oss, the Netherlands) secured
financing. BOM Brabant Ventures invests together with new investors Value Creation
Capital and Mibiton to enable this introduction.

The NFS is the first device capable of measuring nanoparticles during a manufacturing
process. With the NFS scientists obtain important insights which lead to improved quality
and increased efficiency of manufacturing processes, for example for nanoparticle based
medicine commonly used in cancer treatment.

The market of nanoparticle medicines is growing at high rates of up to 25% annually. The
interest for this novel technology therefore was substantial after the presentation of the
device, earlier this year at the annual IFPAC meeting.

“A number of highly regarded industry leaders was already familiar with our technology”,
says Ad Gerich, managing-director of InProcess-LSP. “Now the device is also available for
sale, every manufacturer we talk to is eager to explore further what the NFS can mean to
their business. There is high interest in our product from Big Pharma, as they can achieve
great manufacturing benefits with our device. Other applications in which nanoparticles play
a large role, such as inks, coatings, food, catalysts, etc., will also benefit from the capabilities
of the NFS. The injected capital will be used to continue our product development and to
introduce the NFS to our clients. We are excited that again we can count on the support of
BOM and we have found an excellent balance with the addition of the expertise and
strategic insights from Value Creation Capital, and the equipment investment by Mibiton.”

“The societal impact of cheaper and better medicine is a key reason for us to again invest in
InProcess-LSP”, says Floris Hamel, Investment Associate Life Sciences & Medtech at BOM
Brabant Ventures. “Next to the capital investment, the investors will support InProcess-LSP
with the coming commercialization challenges in order to facilitate the growth of the

Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner Value Creation Capital/TechNano Fund adds: “We
see a large potential in the technology and product portfolio of InProcess-LSP. The vision of
the management team strongly fits with the growing market for nanoparticle sizing in
medical and industrial processes”.

“We are proud that Mibiton contributes to the commercialisation of the NFS by financing
several systems, and thereby enabling the introduction of this promising innovation to the
pharmaceutical sector”, Mibiton Investment Manager Kees Recourt adds.

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