InProcess-LSP Team

Ad Gerich

General Manager

Ad has a background in chemistry and chemometrics and worked as a researcher for 7 years in food and feed industry mostly related to NIR calibration for moisture, protein and fat in raw materials and end products. In 1998 he moved to Organon as a scientist and managed the development and implementation of NIR applications for raw materials identification. After several positions in pharmaceutical development as group leader and leader of PAT projects, he became Director of Oral Solid Dosage forms in CMC Development. As a Design-for-Six-Sigma black belt Ad believes in the power of Six-Sigma methods for process improvement. In 2014 Ad co-founded InProcess-LSP and is now responsible for general management of the company.

Rut Besseling

Science & Technology

Rut has a strong background in physics and characterization of particulate matter and complex (nano)liquids, with broad experience in innovative method development using optical, spectroscopic, and rheological techniques, as well as advanced data analysis and physical modeling. He led a variety of fundamental and applied research projects in academic and industrial context. In 2012 Rut joined MSD/Merck as Principal Scientist, with a focus on extending Process Analytical Technology (PAT) capabilities for pharma-processes, implementing new analytical techniques, efficient chemometric modeling and physical process modelling. In 2014 Rut co-founded InProcess-LSP and is, besides managing partner, responsible for Scientific and Technological development within the company.

Nienke Oldenburg

Marketing and Communication

Within InProcess-LSP Nienke is focused on marketing and communication. Nienke has a broad experience in webdesign and online marketing as an entrepreneur in her own webdesign company. Typically for Nienke is her natural enthusiasm connecting with people and her sincere interest in customer needs.
Nienke has a background in life sciences and pharma, since she worked as a research assistant in several research environments both in industry as in research institutes. She worked at the Dutch Cancer Institute, the National Heart and Lung Institute (UK) and Organon Teknika, later known as bioMérieux. At bioMérieux she fulfilled several positions in application/customer support, product training and marketing.

Michiel Damen

Application Development Specialist

Michiel has a background in analytical chemistry and worked for more than 15 years within large pharmaceutical companies like Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Organon, Schering Plough and MSD/Merck. He contributed to many pharmaceutical analysis projects during product and process development and became a PAT expert within the company. Michiel has extensive knowledge and experience of use and implementation of PAT systems, software, data-analysis, data-management and system qualifications & validation, both in GMP and non-GMP areas. In 2014 Michiel co-founded InProcess-LSP and is now besides managing partner application development specialist within the company.

Jan-Piet Wijgergangs

Senior Scientist

Jan-Piet has a background in organic chemistry and worked  for 10 years as a medicinal chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. He then moved to pharmaceutical sciences to work as a hands-on project lead in formulation development, process development and scale-up for 4 years in this period he obtained a certification as Green Belt in Lean and Six Sigma. Jan-Piet then fulfilled several positions in manufacturing support and technology transfer in the pharmaceutical and crop protection industry before joining InProcess-LSP in 2018 as a Senior Scientist in application development and process integration.

Michiel Hermes

Principal Scientist

Michiel is a physicist with a background in soft matter  and nano particle science. He has 15 years of research experience and has worked on a wide range fundamental as well as applied projects with pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, paint and personal care companies. He combines experimental, theoretical and computation approaches to tackle problems in nano particle formulations and nano particle characterization. He is an expert in rheology, microscopy, light and x-ray scattering as well as particle tracking and MD/BD/MC computer simulations. He is a lecturer at the Debye institute for nano materials science and Utrecht University.